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I am going round the bend. are you, too?

A read-along psychotherapy


The book

Ich habe einen Knall

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Das Buch


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Dr. phil. Denise Hürlimann, born 1971, is a psychotherapist.

As a specialist psychologist for psychotherapy, she treats patients with mental disorders and accompanies their relatives. Her areas of expertise are behavioral therapy, emergency psychology and psycho-oncology. In addition to working in your own practice
accompanies inpatient oncology patients and their relatives in hospitals. In addition, she gives lectures, among other things on crisis management, which are characterized by a high level of specialist knowledge and great
empathy. When her former patient Mirjam Indermaur asked her to write a book together, she didn't have to think long, the idea fascinated her. Denise Hürlimann lives with her family in the canton of Zug.

Mirjam Indermaur

Mirjam Indermaur, born 1967, has completed a marketing education and has been working since
many years in our own company. In addition, she has turned her passion for writing into a profession and writes commissioned work for a wide variety of tasks in a text service
Art. Thanks to her interest in psychology, she will soon complete her master's degree in coaching. After an exhaustion depression and her husband's cancer diagnosis, she underwent psychotherapy. One day she decided to share her experiences

passed on during therapy. And this alternates with

her therapist, psycho-oncologist Denise Hürlimann. Mirjam Indermaur lives with

her family in the canton of Zurich.


We were asked why we wrote this book - here is the answer ...



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