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I finally wanted to work on my inner balance and therefore decided to fly into the distance in our holiday home again in the autumn holidays and spend a few days all to myself.

The rest would surely do me good.

No sooner had I made this plan than my mother told me that she would be with me. I didn't want to, but I knew that she would hardly understand me. Unfortunately I had no idea how I could defend myself against it, especially since I shied away from the conversation. I had learned something in the meantime, because I simply used the same tactics as my husband: say nothing and wait.

For many years I had observed that this mostly led to his success. He loved harmony and often didn't even get involved in any topics that could endanger them. I, on the other hand, always looked for solutions as soon as a problem occurred. Then I rowed around wildly, mostly organizing, commenting and complicating the situation.

So I decided not to reply to my mother and just wait and see. And lo and behold: her plans changed and she did not accompany me on this vacation. Without having to say anything.

During the talks with Ms. Hürlimann, the question of the frequency and intensity of contact between daughters and mothers was raised. We discussed what is common or unusual and how others experience the mother-daughter relationship. It was clear to both of us that I had to be able to stand better for myself. Initially not in general, but first where it was particularly important to me.

A thought that kept me busy from now on.
Sometimes it seemed to me that after our discussions I had more problems than before. As long as certain topics were not addressed, I could simply ignore them and ignore them. As soon as they were on the table, I had to deal with it.

Surprisingly, after a few days of thinking, some of the clouds suddenly vanished into thin air.


In this book you will read about psychotherapy, which is about depression and cancer, but also about everyday family life and true optimism.


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